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Weekend themes

Each year the Lord inspires a new theme to share.

Each session is richly blessed and reaches each person in their personal situation and their current questions.

God is Great, be convinced of it! 


"Vis toutes les couleurs de ta vie"

Notre Dieu créateur et Père nous a créés à Son image (Genèse 1 : 27), ce qui signifie que nous sommes dépositaires de caractéristiques bien spécifiques et surtout très belles.

Chaque facette de qui nous sommes est colorée d'une sainte couleur.

Et si nous ravivions ces couleurs ?

DATE 2023 4.jpg

2023 - “Man & Woman, He created them” 

Revisiting our original identities, rooting ourselves in His plans, realizing that He has planned everything, that His precepts are still valid today and until the end of time.


How to be men and women according to the heart of God in 2023?

date 2023.jpg
DATE 2022.jpg

2022 - “Live your life now”

Celibacy is often experienced as a time of waiting, as if life could only be lived as a couple.

God's plan is for each of his children to be able to live life to the fullest, in every moment.

date 2020 1.jpeg

2020 - “Cultivate your garden”

This was the first meeting despite the context of the health crisis. Many people came to discover and bring this new concept to life.

It was important for everyone to refocus on the Essentials.

date 2020 1.jpeg
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