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4th Edition

from 20 to 40 years old

Celibacy is a period of life, not an identity status. However, it is experienced by everyone in a very different way. And what is God doing during this time? This is what is important to know, to discover.

Date with God

It is the opportunity for a heart to heart with God, who knows what you are going through, who knows you perfectly well and who knows all your needs, your struggles, your doubts, your despair and your hopes. This is an opportunity to discover or rediscover God’s involvement in your life!

The ancient meaning of the word "adventure" is: destiny. This is an opportunity to see how to accept this part of the unknown and surprising in your life and how to remain confident in the One who is the only one who can ensure your future.

This is an opportunity to set aside time, to deliberately choose to take a break from your busy life, to dedicate this time to be with God, talk to him, listen to him, restore your relationship or make it grow...

a true divine meeting!

It's an opportunity to benefit from the presence of other people who have the same expectations and concerns as you, it's to discover that you are not the only one in this period of life. There is always power in relating to others because together we are the body of Christ.

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